Marketing Lead
Masters Degree in Business Administration
Atlanta, GA

My values of Swemkids

I have been personally involved in trying to make swimming a more inclusive activity for everyone as it has given me a lot of physical and psychological freedom to be in the water. Everyone deserves to have that in their lives.

What I see for Swemkids future

For other cities to take the SwemKids model and provide life-saving skills, job skills and fun for families from all backgrounds.

Adam Mania

Adam Mania is a Former NCAA All-American and Polish Olympic Swimmer currently based in Atlanta. 10 years of experience in swim coaching and non-profit fundraising for the Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center in Milwaukee, WI. Currently works as a Creative Director for Powerade.

A major achievement: 2004 Olympic Swimmer for Poland. US National Champion in 2007.
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