Degree in International Studies & an MBA
Summerville, SC

My values of Swemkids

I am honored and excited to be a part of this movement. I am celebrating every swim lesson, every swim cap worn, every bathing suit that makes us feel more confident and free in/by/near the water.

What I see for Swemkids future

I look forward to seeing the number of swimmers grow, and community support for and by SwemKids. It's thrilling to envision how SwemKids will continue to break through barriers, and create new realities and dreams.

Shannon Clark

Shannon Clark is the secretary of the Board for SwemKids International. Beyond the board, I am a Scientist for the Naval Information Warfare Center. I support the Command in Business Analyst and Scrum Master roles. I am a graduate of Old Dominion University and Southern Wesleyan University, with a degree in International Studies and an MBA.

I get to be a mom to two really great boys, and currently live in Summerville, SC. SwemKids is introducing the nation and the world to something folks didn't know they needed - the life skill of swimming, the ability for anyone to be comfortable in the water, to enjoy the benefits of swimming, and shaping new cultural norms related to being in the water, for brown and peach folks/everyone. 

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